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 problem with garry one of youre members

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PostSubject: problem with garry one of youre members   Tue May 18, 2010 2:08 pm

hello my name is nila a player on the gorgos server(cleric level 50)
today at 12:00 we played a dred
and one of youre players couldnt behave his self.
used bad words against some innocent people.
and gave away ap cause he say i hope all elyos will get killed by asmo's hate all elyos.
i mean i can understand that you sometimes feel frustrated and dont have a good day.
but what he did today was just to much.
i made several ss and logs of the dred so if you wanna see them i will post them.
but i thought it was better to just tell you guys first about this issue.
i think we are all here to have fun and like to play this game but guys like him ruining the game.
i hope you will do something about this issue.
greets from nila
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problem with garry one of youre members
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