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 Clique's Application

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PostSubject: Clique's Application   Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:49 pm

Name: Sarp Ovutmen

Age: 35

Origin: Turkey

Main: Clique

Level: 50

Why are you interested for joining Unity?
I am interested in playing Dredgion and small group pvps. After I finish my Miragent set, will go full-time core-pvp unless we have a siege or Dredgion. Looking for people whom I can co-operate and play regularly so we learn each others styles to perform better.

What do you expect from us?
I have already played with a lot of players from Unity and we did good together. I expect to have those experiences in larger scales.

Raid and PvPvp experience?
Did really a lot of Dredgions but I lack experience at core-pvp and sieges. Hope to get better in those areas as well while continuing to expertise Dredgion.

Previous guild?

Why did you leave your previous guilds?
Their lack of interest on Dredgion made me give that decision.

Do you have ventrillo / teamspeak installed?

Do you have a microphone?
Yes and a clear voice Wink

Tell a bit about yourself :
I am running an online trading business and playing poker professionally. Aion is my biggest addiction right now and taking my whole time left for hobbies and entertainment. I go to poker tournaments regularly and can have difficulties connecting from hotel lobbies, rooms but even those times I find a way and at least grind, craft or trade at the broker. Recently I installed Leatrix Letancy Fixer and became subscriber at www.lowerping.com which helped a lot. It reduced my ping from 200's to 60ish. I have an amazing notebook with latest technology which helps me play Aion anywhere I go but the times I play most confidently are the ones where I am at my place in Istanbul.

Here is my character page :

My further thoughts:
I will change my whole stigma build and go full Heart Shot build when I feel ready for core-pvp. Remaining 2 slots will be possibly a cycle among Bestial Fury, Sleep Arrow, Focused Shots and Silence Arrow. My Manastones are and will be full PCH +15 until I have 390 (+50 from Calydon Meat Dumpling) and the rest will be Attack +5. My aim is to have full Miragent with +10 Miragent Longbow and level 50 Abyss jewels.
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Clique's Application
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