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 Apply - Enid

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PostSubject: Apply - Enid   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:17 am

Name: Gregor
Age: 24
Origin: Poland

Main: Enid (http://uk.aiononline.com/livestatus/character-legion/search?charID=105198&serverID=35)
Level: 50

Why are you interested for joining Unity? I wanna join to legion with future, with mature players, where i can get more exp at pvp and pve (DP etc)

What do you expect from us? PvE and PvP, ofc mature players and fun from game with you.

Raid and PvPvp experience? Yep i think that its rather good but you will see in the process of the game.

Previous guild? Noir

Why did you leave your previous guilds? 4 chanters and rather no dps, only 1 hard group for some gaming.

Do you have ventrillo / teamspeak installed? Yes ofc

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Tell a bit about yourself : Hi! I am a newly-graduated student. So far i was in GW WoW, now its time for Aion:) All time on healer, ranger or support shaman/ryt, now i wanna try chanter:) Atm i'm focused at PvE because i wanna upgrade my eq from DP:) But of course I will go for every legionary sally to abyss, dred or smthing. Anything more? hmm.. hobby: fantasy, music and games.
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PostSubject: Re: Apply - Enid   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:45 am

I'll contact you in game as soon as possible Smile

Admist the blue sky, the divine wings of our protectors
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Apply - Enid
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